Saturday, May 9, 2009

Collection of 20 of their photography tips: twitter

R20;I would recommend any serious photographer a Tripod. It’s indispensable for any photography & most if your hands won’t stay still” - maniar
R20;don’t spend your time looking at the lcd screen…you end up missing fantastic moments. The pictures will still be there later!” - burks
R20;Shoot in RAW mode if your camera has it. Offers so many more opportunities for editing than shooting in JPEG” - PattyHankins
R20;don’t just stand there. Instead of moving the camera, move yourself…” - XmasB
R20;Always remove the lens cover.” - fireeducator
R20;Get closer to the object.” - Celebtur
R20;Expensive equipment don’t make great photos. Great photographers do.” - quicklunarcop
R20;Fill the Frame” - ebradlee10
R20;shoot the magic hours(!!); remember the exposure triangle; look for a new/unique angle on your subject. :-)” - laepelba
R20;Keep taking photos, look at your photos, then take more photos. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to experiment.” - NeilCreek
R20;You can’t take a photo without a camera so always carry one - even if you don’t get a great shot you had a chance at getting it.” - HelenBradley
R20;Learn to expose and light correctly the first time using JPEG - at the highest quality, saves time and work later. no RAW needed” - woodmike
R20;For portraits: fill the frame with your subject!” - onedadslife
R20;Relax, take your time and get the shot you want.” - mvern78
R20;just get out there & shoot…learn your camera =)” - docm2b
R20;it’s the archer, not the arrow.” - Supermassive
R20;keep your batteries charged because you never know when you might want to use the camera to get that special shot” - StuartL
R20;assuming digital, you can never take enough shots” - d0rk4l
R20;Shoot, shoot, shoot. (wish I followed this more often)” - Kellygrape
R20;Understand the basic rules of composition, get a feel for them, apply them regularly - and break them occasionally!” - John1954Moi

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