Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Videographer



Videotaping a wedding is an artistic profession as is photography. Therefore, if you think you could use a family camcorder to videotape your wedding, think again. A good wedding cameraman requires more skill and professionalism than any other moviemaker in the video business. He/she should be familiar with the technical specifications of the equipment, and with all aspects of how weddings unfold. He/she should be an excellent documenter, and needs to be constantly ready to videotape, after all there is only one take and it has to be a good one. A good videographer will connect with you, capture the atmosphere, the excitement, feelings, and emotions at your wedding and preserve it for life on tape. A videotape account of your wedding captures the uniqueness of your wedding and you would want it be according to your taste and style.

* Just like photography take it upon yourself to find a professional videographer with whom you feel comfortable, someone you feel you can spend a whole day with. Meet with several candidates to compare, shop for prices, styles, and packages offered. If you're having trouble finding someone, contact for a list of professional Videographers in your area.. Always view a tape from a prospective videographer.

Use this checklist when reviewing different tapes:

are the images clear?
is the lighting right (not too dim or too harsh)?
how is the sound quality?
was the tape edited well? Is it smooth and well put together? Does it flow or is it choppy?
does the tape look professional, or is it something you could do yourself?
do the special effects and transitions look professional?
is it fun? Is it entertaining to watch?
But the most important element has to be the style and personality of your prospective videographer. Go with your gut feeling and taste.

Also check the following:

1. Has the videographer done many weddings at the location where you’re getting married? Ask to view a tape shot at the same location.

2. Is he/she a member of any reputable studio,national and local videography associations. These associations are dedicated to improving the industry and final products delivered to married couples.

3. Has the videographer worked with your photographer before?

4. How many other weddings is the videographer doing on your wedding day or weekend? Make sure there are no time constraints.

5. Will the videographer you're speaking to be the one who will be shooting your wedding? Is it his/her work you are watching?

6. What types of cameras, tapes and microphones will the videographer use? Ask to see the equipment and ask around. Equipment is important, but using the most expensive camera does not guarantee the best result.

7. How much light will they use? Much of the ambiance and atmosphere of your event will be lost if room lights are on during the whole evening. Although, today’s cameras require very little light to get good picture, expect your videographer to use at least one light on the camera.

8. Will a backup camera be on hand for the event? How about back ups for the rest of the equipment?

9. How long does he/she keep the footage on file before recycling it?

10. Cancellation and refund policy.

Make sure to be specific about the following:

number of cameras to be used. Many videographers shoot weddings with multiple cameras but most weddings are shot with one camera. The number of cameras does not affect editing capabilities or quality. Skilled videographers can make a one-camera wedding look to have been shot with multiple cameras. Let your videographer know what you want to have covered with more than one camera, if you’re having a multi-camera shoot.
number of videos you'll receive, and complete package details.
overtime fee, if applicable.
reorder prices, if you should decide to order additional videos later.
Once your contract is definite, meet with your videographer and discuss the important events of your wedding day that you think may not be common to other weddings: For example, any special readings, songs during your ceremony, blessings, or dances during your reception. Let him/her know if your hair dresser is a good friend. Those kinds of moments will make your video more unique.

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