Friday, April 17, 2009

Learn how to use social media marketing

Just getting started taking your business into the social media realm. Learn how to use social media to connect to your target audience.

Social media marketing is the most powerful form of marketing for small businesses and individuals. It's an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure
'SMO'. This is an Internet marketing technique that is used to generate interest about your website and is sometimes referred to as word-of-mouth marketing. Interest is generated by engaging in activities on social networking websites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.
As we transition from newspapers, TVs and radios, to blogs, youtube and podcasting, the small businesses have the chance to leverage on these very low-cost online channels to market themselves. It’s like owning your own newspaper (blog), TV channel (youtube) and radio station (podcasting)!
The sad thing is, very few small businesses realise that social media is an opportunity to out-blog, out-tube and out-podcasts these big brands .Once you know the answers, you can begin your 'SMO' and drive relationships and therefore business via online social networks which is what we strive to do here.

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